The story of Admiral Locnar

When Admiral Locnar's vessel crashed, he was stranded on a remote island. He made a life changing decision to climb the mountain rising above the beach. It didn’t take long for him to realize that he was surrounded by coconut and citrus trees – oranges, limes, lemons, pineapple – and a beautiful field of sugar cane.

In the years he was stranded alone, Admiral Locnar survived by living on what the island provided, squeezing the juices, harvesting the coconut, and distilling the sugar cane to fill the pineapples after he removed the sweet center. He meditated daily by the ocean, riding the waves in his mind to keep his focus.

He manifested these dreams by building a space to mix the juices, coconut, and distilled spirits. This became Tiki Underground, where he continues to create and imbibe, hoping someday he will be rescued.

Photo by Sara Maresco Photography

Escape with us!

We offer online reservations inside on Fridays and Saturdays for parties of 2-8 people! The reservation is for 90 minutes at a table. We hold the table for 15 minutes after the reservation time, then will release the table to the next group.

Our new location has limited space to accommodate groups of more than 8 people. Click here if you’re interested in scheduling a private party for more than 8 people at Tiki underground or in our new 1960s event space.

Bar seating and standing room is open throughout the night, and you're welcome to enjoy a drink at the bar. There is a space in the middle where you can order.

Age 21 and over only!

Parking is easy!

We are now open in Downtown Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio at 1832 Front Street!

There are a lot of great options for parking in downtown Cuyahoga Falls, including our own lot, street parking, and several city lots on both sides of Broad Boulevard.

Please don't park at our neighbor Sheraton Suites, there is a large city lot across the street that is a much better choice.

This map will provide guidance for your visit, and if you have any questions please call us at 234-380-5398. Click this link for a map of Downtown Cuyahoga Falls.

Age 21 and over only!

Delicious tiki cocktails

We have been shaking delicious cocktails in the Akron area since 2017, and offer almost 50 original and traditional tiki cocktails on our regular menu, developed by Tiki Ambassador Tonga Tim. We’re proud to serve housemade syrups and fresh squeezed lime and lemon juices.

Photos by Sara Maresco Photography of our Tiki Underground Mai Tai, original Cheetah Chrome, and Blue Eyed Sailor, our riff on a Blue Hawaiian.


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